Owned and operated by Rachel Taylor & Rebecca Jones

Owned and operated by Rachel Taylor & Rebecca Jones

Plantuary is a Seattle-based indoor plant company focused on selling high quality greenery and providing expert advice to help plants thrive. 


Born out of a love for all things green, Plantuary was established by two friends: Rachel Taylor and Rebecca Jones. For years, the duo has worked to incorporate plants into their own urban living environments, and now strives to share the knowledge they've gained with others. 

Plantuary conducts plant sales at Seattle-area pop-up venues and markets, while also providing assistance to those struggling with plant parenthood.

Want to incorporate plants into your home, office, or business but aren't sure where to begin? Rachel & Rebecca are available to do in-person consultations to discuss the plants best suited for your space and comfort level. 

For help, questions, or to schedule a consultation please send an email to plantuary@gmail. com or visit our contact page here.